Deborah Ortiz

Family Advocacy Representative, Trainer

Deb is the co-producer and director of the award-winning documentary “Code 9 Officer Needs Assistance” and has 17 years of experience working with First Responders and families. This labor of love brings education and awareness to the first responder community. Deb’s commitment to family and work towards change in the first responder culture is her passion. Healthy first responders and families (in body and mind) in the prevention of PTSD and suicide is her continued mission.

Deb is the wife of a state trooper who, after a 22-year career, began experiencing the horrors and nightmares related to PTSD. Her experience as the spouse of a police inspired struggling with PTSD along with her experience as writer and producer led to the production of a documentary on the emotional struggles and needs of law enforcement officers and their families.

Deb could no longer sit back and continue to watch the devastation occurring to first responders and their families. Besides educating and advocating through her film work, she spent years working through her non-profit Code 9. She has also helped change Workers Compensating laws in the state of Florida to get PTSD included as an on the job injury for first responders. She strongly believes that in coming together with others, real change can happen. Deb is working desperately to bring the needed education, training, tools, and resources to first responders and their families. We must not forget the families!

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