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Our team has first-hand knowledge and understanding of the numerous issues faced by those who serve and protect, because we are first responders, military veterans, clinicians, and family members.



Learning is not merely knowledge acquisition. Rather, it is the comprehension and discovery of meaning. Our programs are focused on empowering learners to think and behave objectively, abstractly, and uniquely. 


Needs Assessment

Our Team will discuss your agency’s needs and will use our systematic approach to bridge the gap between current operations and future expectations with a precise roadmap to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Our mission is to improve your quality of life.

Blue Wall Institute is a nationally recognized, veteran/first-responder owned  business with over a decade of serving our front line workers.

We improve quality of life for those we serve, by reducing injury and death on and off-duty.


Our job is to improve quality of life for those we serve, by reducing injury and death on and off-duty.

Dr. Olivia Johnson, Founder, Trainer, Consultant

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~ Dr. Olivia Johnson - Surviving & Thriving Behind the Badge

“Our business has been in need of someone with [sic] Dr. Johnson’s credibility to help us address this area of first responder wellness. Emergency Responders want a trainer with her level of credibility and experience to deal with these issues. I would highly recommend that all first responders get into a class near them as soon as possible. This training will save lives.”

~Sgt. Chet Mackiewicz Sedalia, MO PD

~ Dr. Olivia Johnson - The Balanced Warrior

“One of the best classes I’ve taken in almost 20 years in corrections. Very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Comfortable and personable instruction. This class let me know I’m not alone and there is something I can do. There is help available. Don’t lose hope.”

~Mathew J. Saville, Shift Lieutenant
Montana State Prison, DOC, 2015

~ Dr. Olivia Johnson - The Balanced Warrior

“This class was much more informative than any of the classes I have had before. Dr. Johnson was extremely empowering. I feel very motivated after attending this class.”

~Msgt. Tammy Grime
St. Clair CO. Sheriff’s Department (IL)

~ Dr. Olivia Johnson - Police Stress: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

“Dynamic speaker knew what she was talking about. Possibly the best instructor I’ve had in 24+ years in law enforcement. I would recommend this instructor present more classes like this.”

~St. Louis County, 2013