Meet Our Team

Dr. Olivia Johnson

Founder, Researcher, Consultant, Trainer

Dr. Olivia Johnson is the founder of the BlueWall Institute where she trains first responders, first responder families, and administratorson wellness issues, suicide awareness and prevention, peer support, stress and angermanagement, and leadership issues.

Dr. Jorey Krawczyn

Curriculum Development Advisor, Researcher, Consultant, Trainer

Dr. Jorey L. Krawczyn has an extensive career extending over 45 years in law enforcement, forensic psychology, and teaching. His law enforcement experience ranges from undercover narcotics investigations to the administrative duties of Chief of Police (Ret.).

Major Michael Hardee

Consultant, Trainer

Major Michael Hardee has served in multiple law enforcement capacities, including senior level management positions for over 30 years and is actively involved in officer safety and wellness training efforts.

Kelly W. Oliver

Kelly W. Oliver


Kelly W. Oliver is a retired federal law enforcement officer who brings over 37 years of leadership experience in local, federal investigative and technical operations positions at the field, Headquarters, and federal Department levels.