Operation SOS

The Blue Wall Institute has tracked law enforcement and corrections suicides since 2017. We collect more than a number. We look at over 50 data points and only include verified deaths of current, former, and retired officers. We are working diligently to reduce the number of suicide deaths among our law enforcement and corrections population with the data being collected.

OPERATION “S.O.S” is a campaign being launched to address the issue of officer suicide in the U.S. Remember, suicide is not a new threat to our first responders, but how we move forward to stop this threat must be like nothing we have done before. This campaign will address officer suicide in a research-driven, solution-based, multifaceted manner. We will continue to work with our amazing partners (e.g., subject experts, researchers, scholars, professionals, etc.), but we must include some of the most important people to the equation: first responder families and co-workers. Using all of these partnerships will allow a 360° look at officer suicide. Data collected and verified by 1 Is Too Many® will be used to address the geographical components to officer suicide, (i.e., clustering and contagion) in hopes that regional efforts and resources can collaborate in reduction efforts.

OPERATION “S.O.S.” will implement working groups, solicit white papers and other written works, cultivate future research ideas, conduct individual and agency surveys, build case files, develop brainstorming groups, personal interviews, etc. The products and information that result will be used in numerous ways to combat the issue of officer suicide, to include published works.

OPERATION “S.O.S.” is most importantly looking for those who have lost a police or corrections officer to suicide or drug overdose (e.g., families, friends, co-workers, etc.), or those who have attempted. All information is confidential and never released or discussed without prior written permission from responsible parties. This work will overlap with work in other first responder fields, but we are working specifically within law enforcement/corrections occupational group.

Numerous volunteer opportunities exist, to include unpaid internships. Anyone can volunteer. Email olivia@bw-institute.com to inquire about these opportunities or download the application. We could not do any of this without your support. If you cannot volunteer, but want to make a difference, help spread the word. We are pleased to work with so many committed and passionate individuals and organizations. Thank you for your continued, unwavering support.

Remember, we can all talk about it, but the real heroes will do something about it.

Let’s step up and STOP OFFICER SUICIDE!



Dr. Olivia Johnson Founder,

Blue Wall Institute

Those who serve and protect us and their families deserve nothing but the best.