Since 2011, Serve & Protect has served the law enforcement and greater public safety professions by facilitating trauma services, to date placing more than 7,000 into treatment nationally. A supporting function is offering information and education to law enforcement about the tragedy of death by suicide of officers. When addressing such a sensitive topic, detail and accuracy of information is critical.

Early on we began to collaborate with Dr. Olivia Johnson with the Blue Wall Institute. Her personal experience in both the military and law enforcement, combined with her advanced education, affords her insight needed to adequately assess reported suicides and investigate other suspicious deaths not classed suicide. Equally important, when addressing suicide, is causation or motivation. Olivia goes far beyond simply counting numbers to exploring what led to the suicide, such as administrative, relationship, financial, or an effort to escape accountability for wrong doing. Was the person prior military that is a combat vet?

Too often some report unverified police suicides just to have a number. Olivia does the due diligence to understand why so through understanding trends and contributing factors we can be better prepared to educate law enforcement and offer solutions, not just sound bites. I fully trust the information from Blue Wall Institute and count Olivia as one of my closest and most highly regarded colleagues.

Robert Michaels
CAO / Founder
Serve & Protect

As the Chief of Police and the Past President for the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, I understand the struggles that Officer are currently facing. Dr. Olivia Johnson is one of the foremost experts that we need to rely on to help our officers deal with mental health issues. She is not only one of the leading authorities due to her research in the field of Officer Suicides, but she has the passion for wanting to help make a change and prevent these tragic events from happening. If you care about your officers, your co-workers, a law enforcement friend, or a family member, you need to take this class.

Chief William Balling

In my opinion, there is no one more qualified than Dr. Olivia Johnson to teach an online psychological class on officer suicide. She is considered a leading expert in law enforcement suicide. Olivia started the Blue Wall Institute with the sole intention of tracking law enforcement suicide, and today she meticulously and diligently works to reduce the number of police suicides in the United States.

Currently, police suicide is an epidemic substantially surpassing line-of-duty deaths by a wide margin. Olivia has pioneered strategic initiatives to help police officers find a solution to issues they face on and off the job. One of her initiatives is a program titled S.O.S. (Stop Officer Suicide). Olivia has dedicated an enormous amount of time helping officers find different ways to cope with the stress of the job. She has a phenomenal approach to a difficult and heartbreaking subject. I personally recommend that everyone attend Dr. Olivia Johnson’s online psychological class on police suicide. You will not be sorry!

Dr. Ronald A. Rufo EdD
Chicago Police Department-Retired
-Breaking the Barriers: Changing the Way We Support the Physical and Mental Health of Police
-Police Suicide: Is Police Culture Killing Our Officers?

Dr. Johnson has dedicated a plethora of hours investigating this topic and she is definitely a scholar/law enforcement professional who is an asset teaching this course. I should also place emphasis on the fact that Dr. Johnson, myself, along with two other stellar colleagues, Dr. John Violanti and Dr. Joe Pascarella, edited a book on police suicidality which is going to be published by Springer Publishers this coming fall 2021. To this end, Dr. Johnson had a leading role towards the completion of this book project since she is the one who collected data and other relative information regarding law enforcement suicide cases. 


Dr. Konstantinos Papazoglou, Ph.D., C.Psych

Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

Resilience & Wellness Consultant
Dr. Krawczyn has spent months advising the US Navy Chaplain’s Corp on the aftermath of violence and death by suicide and the human toll on family survivors and friends. His level of psychological knowledge on suicide is demonstrated in his articulate presentations and empathetic responses to our questions and concerns.

P. Bryant,
Navy Chaplain, Retired